Cocoa in my coffee

I like to fill my coffee mug with unsweetened cocoa powder and a packet of stevia in my morning coffee!  My mug also has a picture of my very first grandchild so I get to visit with him too.

I was listening to another coach that I work with this past week give nutritional advice to a new client that he started working with.  As I listened I noticed how quickly that I had become biased in what type of information he needs to be giving this client.  Mind you I wasn’t eavesdropping since they were standing at the desk I work from and were only three to four feet away.  He was telling the client that she should stick to simple sugars and shy away from complex carbs, which totally contradicts the suggestions I give to my clients.  My thoughts were that your body has to work harder (burn more calories) because of the fiber content to digest complex carbs which causes less of an insulin response (fat storage).  But I remained silent knowing that I had not been privy to the entire conversation, hoping that that advice that she is given will help her to reach her goals.

I am always trying to learn new things about how to motivate people in one direction or another to help them achieve their body composition goals.  Most people who start an exercise program are doing it for the wrong reasons.  Sometimes they believe that if they just start exercising, they will be able to lose the weight without having to make dietary changes, when the opposite is actually true.  With a little discipline, people could lose the weight they want without having to exercise.  Of course, if you want to chase the illustrious six pack abs, you will have to work for it.  But from a weight loss perspective, all that takes is a (little or big) dietary intervention.

I try to teach that from day one with the Precision Nutrition ProCoach program that I manage with some of my clients, that nutrition will always produce bigger and faster results than increasing your activity.  I am personally down 12.8lbs since starting the program.  I have had a few weeks where I didn’t adhere to the program like I should, but that is me just being human and making choices.

Anyway, back to my original thought.  I wonder what situation would cause a coach to suggest simple sugars over complex carbs to a client that has a substantial amount of weight to lose?  I will be googling that later today.

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